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I'm in such a good mood right now, and I blame Six Feet Under , I love that show! It was so good tonight! I love the little baby Mya on the show. She looks like a little elf and she has the cuttest brown shoes ever. I could just eat her up! If I have a baby I want her to look like that.

Anyways, I've signed on to do Daytime Dilemma on October 9, it's where fans get to come in and get to be a soap star for a day. They get hair and make-up, the acting coach, they get filmed, the whole shebang. It should be really fun, I'm excited because I get to be with a few of my cast mates. That's always a plus.

I'm on vacation soon! I'm happy, almost 2 weeks of vacation, that will be awesome. I can sit at home, in my PJ's, and do nothing! I will have my new puppy by then, so I get to play with her all day! YAY! When I come back from this vacation I don't get any time off until Christmas. I'll live.

Sorry for this short update!
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